Woman Graduates Fire Academy For ONE Reason, Puts Everyone In Danger


This year, the New York Fire Department finally graduated one of its female recruits after quite some time of her trying, but there’s something major missing from the whole ordeal that’s raising eyebrows across the country.

This very topic has actually come up in the past, and it looks like yet again, the social justice warriors are winning the debate, according to the New York Post. Ever since 1999, Choeurlyne Doirin-Holder has been trying to get into the department after passing the Civil Service exam, and this year, she finally did so, but it wasn’t because of her merits.

Female FDNY Recruit Graduates Fire Academy, But Something Major Missing

No, Doirin-Holder didn’t pass any of the physical testing requirements, even after some were made easier, yet she graduated the academy just like the other three female recruits, who passed everything without help, and it’s all thanks to an activist judge in Brooklyn.

The 39-year-old never achieved a passing score of 17 minutes and 59 seconds on the Functional Skills Test, which is arguably the most important for firefighters since it’s a course of job-related tasks in full gear, such as stretching hoses and dragging dummies, and she couldn’t come in under 24 minutes in practice. But she’s still on the force.


Doirin-Holder also didn’t run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes or less, even after the course was shrunk by a quarter mile. She came in at 12:06 on the shorter course, but she still graduated the academy. She was allowed to complete a supposedly “equivalent” test to show she was physically fit – they threw her on a StairMaster machine for an unspecified amount of time.


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