SI Man suing because he jumped out of a moving ambulance


Staten Island man sues city after jumping from ambulance

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A Staten Island man who allegedly jumped from a moving ambulance is suing the city for allowing the incident to take place.

Yaugeni Kralkin, 54, who admitted in court papers that he had been drinking alcohol prior to the incident, claims the responding emergency medical technicians (EMTs), acted in “an unprofessional manner,” the legal claim states.

He is suing the city, the city Fire Department and the responding EMTs in Staten Island Supreme Court for unspecified damages.

According to court papers, Kralkin was allegedly found by the EMTs on June 11, at about 1:05 p.m. “sitting on the ground, uninjured, with unsteady gait” outside 106 Dawson Circle in Bulls Head.

“Police removed alcohol from (Kralkin’s) bag, and escorted him to the ambulance because he was being uncooperative,” the court papers say.

After securing Kralkin in the ambulance, he was able to “unbuckle his straps on the stretcher, open the door of the ambulance and jump out of the moving ambulance,” said the court document.’

Kralkin claims in court papers that he landed on “the concrete of Richmond Avenue” and was “severely injured,” while EMTs failed “to transport him to the hospital, which delayed his medical treatment.


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